Customized Programs

Response Program Development and Training

With Spartan Response Specialty Training, we believe in developing a complete Response Program to meet the response needs of our clients. No two organizations’
needs and response models will be exactly the same. An organization with a dedicated specialized rescue team may differ greatly from the organization that requires a
standard level of training throughout all personnel.

Search and Rescue (SAR) teams may require different equipment selection depending on the terrain that is within their response zone. Emergency Response Teams (ERT)
may have limited manpower dictating the equipment and techniques that would be required to have a successful response to an emergency.

Training is only one component of successful response programming. Coordinating the following components of a Complete Response Program is critical and must be done with respect to each other:

  • Applicable Standards and Legislation to your organization
  • Equipment Selection and Maintenance
  • Response Modelling
  • Level of Training Required
  • Customized Training Materials
  • Response Preparation

At Spartan Response we are dedicated to developing long term partnerships with our clients. We pride ourselves in becoming an ongoing resource long after project
completion. We understand that your Response Program maintenance is ongoing and is just as important as the initial Response Program development.