Pre-Start Health & Safety Review

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A Pre-Start Health and Safety Report (PSR) is required prior to a new or modified piece of equipment or process being installed or relocated in the province of Ontario, if the equipment or process falls under the criteria listed in section 7 of the OHSA, Regulation 851, R.R.O. 1990, for Industrial Establishments.

The employer is obligated to obtain a PSR which contains details of the associated hazards, identifies items of non-compliance and states measures to be taken for compliance. This report must be signed and sealed by a professional engineer and kept with the equipment or process to which it applies to show that the equipment and/or process is safe.


Spartan Response is pleased to announce that we have been voted as one of Canada’s BEST OHS Consultants by the 2019 Canadian Occupational Safety Readers’ Choice Awards.

2019 OHS Consultants

A Pre-Start Health and Safety Review involves the following steps:

  • Data collection – collection of equipment / process specifications and information
  • Review of information – identification of compliance / non-compliance with applicable standards
  • Site visit – if required, to determine items of non-compliance
  • Evaluation – of all information as it pertains to Regulation 851
  • Reporting – development of a comprehensive report outlining items of non-compliance and recommendations for compliance, signed and sealed by a Professional Engineer